About Us

Fitz, the brand dedicated to sports enthusiasts and offering an evolved range of sports and activity gear.
With a focus on leisure and active wear, Fitz aims to inspire a more active lifestyle and promote sports culture in India. The brand recognized the importance of combining style with sportswear and, thus, developed sports-centric fabrics designed in a stylized manner. Fitz caters to enthusiastic and fitness-conscious individuals in the aspirational age group of 18 to 35 years. It offers two major sub-brands:

Fitz@action and Fitz@zero°.
1. Fitz@action is designed to merge “active with style,” providing a complete range of apparel specially created to encourage and support active individuals, enabling them to perform at their best while feeling
comfortable and at ease.

2. Fitz@zero° offers a unique combination of style and comfort. The breathable fabrics of Fitz@zero° not
only exude class and trendiness but also ensure complete relaxation and comfort